Followin' is a multi-user application to keep track of your core business

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Followin' allows you to assign topics and actions to relations. A relation can be a physical person but also an object. You can categorize all topics to easily find information without wasting time.

An easy to use user interface with powerful search and filter capabilities allow you to stop wasting precious time.

Use Followin' to

  • follow your pending sales and offers

  • keep an eye on your existing or new customers

  • see support history of customers when they call you

Followin' gives you the flexibility to keep track of the things you care about...

Screenshot of Followin'
Screenshot of Followin'

Fast information retrieval via powerful search and filter tools

Followin' search and filter tools
Powerful search and filter tools
Followin' permissions
Configure user permissions in Followin'

Restrict access and visibilty where needed


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Followin' is in constant development.

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